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Unique & Extraordinary

The art of sound and design

The loudspeakers of our series «UNIQUE AND EXTRAORDINARY» are unique products. Compared to mass productions, they stand out in regards to material, workmanship, design and sound quality. Incorruptible accuracy, pinpoint precision and passion for detail are core elements of our production process.

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Speaker System


Speaker System

Innovative Product Development

Every day we meet the challenge to make innovative and uncompromising ideas come true. At the beginning of the system development, we establish drafts which we project with the help of our specialized CAD software. Subsequently, we carry out a series of tests to examine the materials in regard to our requirements. Complex acoustic measurements allow us to achieve the desired sound result.

Premium Materials

We exclusively employ construction elements made of premium materials. Carbon fibers and Kevlar, high-density hardwood, granite and marble as well as titanium, aluminum, premium steel, permalloy or bronze are the materials of our choice. All metal components are corrosion-resistant and antimagnetic. By using these high-quality materials, we guarantee the longevity of our products as well as immense hearing pleasure.

Pioneering Design

The futuristic design of our individual loudspeakers follows the sophisticated function. Ultimately, we want to provide our customers with authentic and detailed sound unperturbed by noise interference. The optimal design of our loudspeakers, which also sets new visual standards, is the result of our long-time work and intense research.

Pure Sound

Our experts research results prove that only high-mass materials allow an authentic rendition of sound unperturbed by feedback and distortions. For the construction of the boxes, we use only materials meeting these requirements to achieve pure sound across all frequencies.

Comprehensive Advice

Would you like to benefit from unique soundscapes? We are happy to offer you comprehensive advice. We will help you with words and deeds from choosing your model to the delivery and the installation of your new loudspeakers.

Sonic Inspiration

Our one of a kind products enrich private premises as well as public and business facilities with a new dimension. Be inspired by our offer and experience sound on a new level.



Speaker System


DSP Amplifier Unit


Our custom-built models are the result of our exceptional technical know-how and outstanding craftsmanship. Sophisticated function meets pioneering design in our luxury audio systems. Invest in one of our luxurious, unique items and enjoy the unsurpassed quality of sound.