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We will take you into a new world of sound

To experience music instead of just listening-this has been our vision for many years. With our unique quality products, we would like you to share in our passion for music and technology. We are an international team of professionals based in Italy. Our declared goal is to unite acoustics and optics at the highest level and to bring you unique sound experiences.

Join us on our journey to a new acoustic dimension!

Luxurious premium products for your absolute enjoyment

Every day, we incorporate our longtime experience and technical know-how into the production of highly functional, attractive and made-to-last loudspeaker systems. Outstanding craftsmanship, fine materials, innovative design and pure sound are central during the manufacturing process. We specialize in small series and unique products in order to pursue our passion uncompromisingly. We conduct elaborate technical measurements following the production, so that you will finally have a chance to experience music authentically. In this way, we guarantee a realistic audio playback without system resonances or distortions.

Timeless and pioneering design for a modern world

A timeless yet pioneering design is just as important to us as the optimal acoustic properties of our loudspeakers, which is why we have chosen premium materials such as hardwood and titanium, granite and bronze for the enclosures. An additional advantage of these fine materials is the durability they give our products. We build for the future and want you to enjoy your loudspeakers for many years. Moreover, we emphasize that form follows function and fits seamlessly into modern spaces – from private living quarters to public and business premises.

Inspiration and consultation for new sound experiences

Let yourself be inspired by the loudspeakers of our small series «EXCEPTIONAL SMALL SERIES» and the unique products of the series «UNIQUE AND EXTRAORDINARY». Would you also like to enjoy the unrivalled acoustic and visual pleasure our loudspeakers have to offer? We will be by your side from selection to delivery to installation. Let us know your special wishes. We will then be able to cater to your individual needs before new productions and guarantee unmatched sound experiences.

Sit back and enjoy acoustic and visual perfection!