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Exceptional Small Series

Harmony of sound and design

We produce only limited quantities of our «EXCEPTIONAL SMALL SERIES» loudspeaker systems and therefore ensure precision work at the highest stage. Just like our «UNIQUE AND EXTRAORDINARY» products, the loudspeakers of our small batch series impress with exceptional quality attributes. Upmarket materials, precise workmanship, timeless design and finely calibrated sound are our products signature features.

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Speaker System


Speaker System

Sophisticated Product Development

For our sophisticated product development, we draw on years of experience and technical know-how. By contributing our body of acquired knowledge to the development of our small batch series, we combine tradition and modernity in one unique product.

Exquisite Materials

We manufacture the boxes of our loudspeaker systems out of select high-density hardwood, carbon fibers, antimagnetic stainless steel, permalloy, bronze, granite and marble. Due to the particular properties of the materials, mass production is out of the question. As we do not want to relinquish the exquisite materials, we completely focus on quality instead of quantity.

Timeless Design

The materials of our choice signify timeless elegance and consistency. It is important to us that these values are reflected in the design of our products. Therefore we emphasize a classic and simultaneously urban shaping.



Speaker System

Sense - Coming Soon!

DSP Amplifier Unit

Sensual Sound

The boxes made of exquisite materials lend our small batch series of loudspeakers remarkable sound characteristics. After the production, we condut elaborate technical measurements. Our experienced staff supports our strict quality control with their sensitive acoustic capabilities.

Expert Advice

If you have any questions concerning our loudspeaker systems, please do let us know. We are looking forward to bringing you exceptional sound experience and want you to enjoy the untroubled pleasure our loudspeakers have to offer. Therefore, we will be by your side from the selection process to the delivery and installation of your new loudspeakers.

Surprising Inspiration

Not only private individuals who want to indulge in the luxury of extraordinary listening experience are numbered among our satisfied customers. Interior designers are equally delighted by our products. That is why you can find our loudspeaker systems in private households as well as in selected hotels and other public and business areas.



Speaker System


Speaker System


We achieve immaculate results with our innovative technologies, expert knowledge and strict quality assurance. Our audio systems let you enjoy not only timeless design, but they will bring you an emotional listening experience. Convince yourself and choose the loudspeaker system which will satisfy your demands. In case you have any special requests, we will be happy to consider them before fabrication.